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Hospice care teams specialize in keeping pain and suffering to a minimum.Hospice care is often received at home, but care teams can also go to the hospital or other care facilities to provide relief.Project Goals and Objectives: Goal 1: Through Dena’ina values maximize waitlist children’s potential and prepare them for successful entry into Kindergarten, providing age-appropriate culturally relevant educational programs and language skills development through 18 hours of service per week for 32 weeks.Goal 2: Improve parent/family support for social/emotional and cognitive development in pre-school children.Objectives: Increase Academic Achievement and Graduation Rates; Improve LKSD Instructional Leadership and Classroom Instruction Improve School Climate and Connectedness Activities: , Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), and Explicit Instruction.A mix of distance delivered and in–person training will be offered.How to Have 'The Talk' with Your Parents Unsure how to broach a sensitive subject with your aging parent?Whether it's giving up driving or considering assisted living, we have you covered with the dos and don'ts for these tough conversations.

Goal 4: Through Dena’ina values maximize K-3rd grade children’s potential for success by providing age-appropriate culturally relevant educational programs and language skills by providing a minimum 15 hours of service per week for 32 weeks of the school year and six (6) weeks Summer Camps.

Name of Applicant: Galena City School District (S356A120010) Number of Students Served: 250 Project LEARN (Literacy Enables Achievement Results Now) is a joint project of the Galena City School District and Louden Tribal Council, located in Galena Alaska.

Project LEARN’s focus is on accelerating literacy achievement in the community’s high school students, especially the Alaska Native students attending the Galena Interior Learning Academy (GILA), a public boarding school serving nearly 200 high school students from across Alaska and 50 high school students from Sidney Huntington School.

Nine of the schools are identified as "persistently lowest–performing" by the State, most of the rest have not made AYP, and all are high poverty.

The ) project will provide three years of scientifically–based, comprehensive, high–quality professional development for approximately 440 LKSD leadership, instructional and support staff, resulting in greatly improved student academic performance.

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