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Lucy Bwalya, Tasintha’s program officer, says it has recruited and provided skills training to 7,000 female sex workers in Lusaka since 1992.Of them, about 60 percent have left sex work; 120 have died from AIDS and other diseases.Part of the duties of the 'Cook Boys’ was to procure prostitutes for their employers. Starting from in the 1900s, many men moved from the rural areas to the emerging industrial areas to find work.

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HIV prevalence is 13.5 percent among adults ages 15 to 49, according to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS.As a result, brothels started to appear along the migrant labour routes, these routes becoming known as 'whores’ tracks'.Thee Mulobezi – Mongu trail in the Western Province was particularly known for its brothels.Chinese traffickers bring in Chinese women and girls for sexual exploitation in brothels and massage parlors in Lusaka; traffickers use front companies posing as travel agencies to lure Chinese victims and coordinate with Zambian facilitators and middlemen.Potential trafficking victims from Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria were identified in Zambia.

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