Tagalog dating phrases

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The Tagalog people live in Manila and surrounding areas and even to the large islands of Mindoro and Palawan to the South. The Tagalog language as stated earlier is the basis for the Filipino national language.If you ask a native Filipino what the official language of the Philippines is, they will probably tell you Filipino and English.Meaning: A buyer or seller involved in an arrangement whereby a customer regularly purchases products or services from the same provider in exchange for favorable treatment. Meaning: Expressing an attitude of optimistic acceptance or fatalistic resignation, esp.

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I also notice here in Cebu province that Cebuanos would much rather speak Cebuano or English before speaking Tagalog.The people I meet know Filipino (or Tagalog) because they are taught it in school and hear it on television and movies but would much rather speak English instead of Filipino.I also lived in the Kampampangan speaking area for a while (Pampanga province) and found their language to be very different from Tagalog even though Pampanga is relatively close to Manila.The Oxford English Dictionary used this Filipino salutation, literally meaning "long live," to greet readers in a blog post today announcing that dozens of Philippine English words are now officially in the OED.English has been spoken in the Philippines since it was first introduced to the archipelago by US colonial government in the early 1900s, explained Danica Salazar, the Filipina author of the post who's been pushing to include Filipino-coined words into the OED."Throughout the years, Filipino English speakers have been adapting the vocabulary of this once foreign tongue, using it to express their own identity and way of life," Salazar wrote.

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