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In a way, all filters are: any kid can come along and spoof a filter in five seconds: type "jailbait" vs.

If Trends offered up this data, and did so globally, it would be unstoppable.

Clues comes out of the box with handicaps so severe, I can tell you already that there isn't going to be a second date. But I would never, ever use Clues for making any business decisions whatsoever, nor for article research.

emailed a response to this article and the attention it has brought to the omission of data results for specific keywords such as "gay" and "sex" and the topic of filtering as a trend. Clues data is not yet meant to be comprehensive – we are continuously updating and evolving the list of terms available to be explored. ’s goal is always to provide an objective view of the information people care about, while maintaining the trust of the millions of people who come to Yahoo! In the future we’ll be adding more and more data to Clues, so we encourage you to stay tuned." I was still tuned in.

I asked, "So, since your list is evolving and the data set is not yet comprehensive, can we look forward to the future inclusion of the terms "gay" and "sex" in Clues?

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